Winter Houseplants

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Houseplants are a great way to bring warmth and life into the home at any time of the year. Right now, while it is cold outside and the garden is not yet ready for Spring, it’s an especially good time to focus your energies on warming up your house with beautiful houseplants. We all know how much visual appeal they can add to the look of a room, but many people don’t realize that houseplants provide many other benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to add a houseplant to your home this Winter season:

1. They clean the air in your home

House plants inside the home help to neutralize the chemicals that are found in furniture, household cleaning products, and paint. Of course, all plants also increase oxygen levels in your house making the environment cleaner and healthier.

2. They improve health and speed recovery

Researchers have found that patients staying in hospital rooms with plants have a higher speed of recovery.  Caring for plants has also been shown to improve our mental health. There is such a great feeling that comes with tending to a plant’s needs and watching it grow that is very good for us, in the same way that caring for pets has been shown to lift our spirits.

3. They make beautiful decorative accents

Houseplants are an interior designer’s best friend. Unsure of what to put on that kitchen windowsill? Or use it on the shelf in the hall? Houseplants are an easy and relatively low-cost decorative feature that keeps on giving. For a statement piece, consider a Ponytail Palm. Despite its name, it’s not a true palm but it grows up to 3 feet tall so is a great addition to a blank space.

4. They can be very easy to care for

You may be surprised to know that houseplants require minimal care and are easier to look after than those in the garden. Spider plants, succulents, and ferns for example are fast-growing plants and look great. Keep them in a well-lit position and water them weekly, and they will thrive.

5. They can add gorgeous color and fragrance to your home

Houseplants are a great way to add a pop of color to the home in the dreary Winter season and can also add wonderful fragrances that can be incredibly relaxing and uplifting. Forget plug-in air fresheners and reed diffuses; for some beautifully scented and showy flowers try a Gardenia or Jasmine. The benefits are enormous, and it’s our goal at Simpson’s Greenhouse to inspire as many people as possible to engage with plants, whether it is outside or inside the home. Stop in today to view our large selection of houseplants, contains, and fertilizer to keep your plant looking great all Winter long!