Valentine’s Day

As the calendar inches closer to Feburary 14th, we feel the love percolating in the air. Valentine’s Day is a special holiday, a day of giving love, admiration and thoughtful gifts to those closest to our heart. Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a timeless romantic gesture for couples all over the world. Flowers are a simple, yet thoughtful gift that demonstrates and symbolizes your love for another person. However, with the seemingly endless choices available, it can be a bit overwhelming when February 14th comes around.
To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled some tips to help you decide on the perfect choice of flowers this Valentine’s Day:


Roses are the classic symbols of love. A bouquet or rose box of at least one dozen long stem red roses is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift and is sure to make your partner feel adored. However, roses come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so choose whichever your partner would love the most. Red is the most synonymous with the season, as Red roses symbolize eternal love and passion.


The meaning of the lily goes right back to ancient Greece, where the flower was a symbol of the goddess Hera. Seen as an enchanting symbol of devotion and purity, these majestic and enchanting flowers come in a variety of delightful colors along with a gorgeous scent that fills a room for days.


A delightful and affordable option for anyone on a budget this Valentine’s Day, carnations are known to express love and fascination, making them an excellent option for new relationships that are only just blossoming.

Gerbera Daisies

With their cheerful appearance and being available in a wide variety of colors, Gerberas are bright, beautiful and add a touch of warmth to any bouquet. Coming from the same family as the sunflower, the Gerbera has been known to symbolism happiness and joy, letting your love know that they are the sunshine in your life.


Coming in an array of bright and striking colors, tulips are indeed a much loved flower, bringing with them bright memories of springtime. A wonderfully versatile and affordable bloom, tulips are a great choice for all occasions. Red tulips of course are said to signify true love, while purple is known to symbolize royalty, and yellow is known to represent cheerfulness.
Whatever your flower of choice this Valentine’s Day, and whoever the lucky recipient is, we have a glorious range of Valentines flowers, houseplants and gifts for you to choose from at Simpson’s Greenhouse. Simply choose your bouquet, place your order and we’ll do the rest! Stop in and view our selection of premade arrangements or order one today for delivery to Ovid and the surrounding area’s!