Plants For Sale

At Simpson’s Greenhouse, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and largest selection of locally grown plants for sale, period. We grow a majority of the plants we sell, ensuring they are climatized for Mid-Michigan conditions and ready to thrive at your home. From longtime proven winners to new and compelling varieties, we have the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, houseplants, edibles, seeds, and bulbs to satisfy your gardening desires and the most beautiful garden shopping experience around.


Recognized for delivering tangible benefits, indoor plants enhance décor and support overall well-being in the home, office, and social spaces. Indoor plants purify the air, produce supplemental oxygen, reduce dust, curb stress, improve productivity, and support mental wellbeing. All this from the simple enjoyment of nurturing plants! We invite you to explore our newly expanded selection of indoor plants for sale in our Ovid, MI store. You’ll find everything from succulents to ferns with our ever-growing assortment of specialty houseplants to fit your unique environment and lighting conditions.


Expressing the uniqueness of each changing season, these specialty plants include the tender bulbs of spring, hardy mums of fall, vibrant poinsettias of Christmas, and more. Some plants are particularly sought-after at certain points in the year for their unique ability to honor the changing seasons and cherished holidays. All of these special plants for sale and so many more are available by season at Simpson’s Greenhouse to help you celebrate nature’s best.


Planted after the last chance of spring frost, annuals are celebrated for their ability to bloom non-stop throughout the growing season, providing the gardener with immediate satisfaction and continuous color until Fall. At Simpson’s, all of the annuals you find are professionally grown right here in Mid-Michigan by our team of experts at our beautiful greenhouse in Ovid, MI. We select and grow only the varieties that are bred, tested, and trialed for exemplary traits. The result is instant impact, vigorous performance, and the reward of your success in the garden. From our famous geraniums to petunias and more, Simpson’s is guaranteed to help make your landscape a colorful showstopper!


Hardy to Mid-Michigan winters once established, perennials return year after year to deliver amazing color and long bloom cycles. The promise of amazing color and long bloom cycles are the treasured benefits that attract homeowners to perennial gardening. A single planting session can lead to years, even decades, of enjoyment. From Foxgloves and Black-Eyed Susans to ornamental grasses- Simpsons is sure to help your garden look spectacular for many seasons to come with our wide array of Perennial plants for sale.

For the most beautiful shrubs, trees, flowers, unique gifts, and unparalleled, personable service stop in today or give us a call at (989) 834-2600 to inquire about our current stock and selection.

Communities Served

  • Ovid
  • Saint Johns
  • Laingsburg
  • Owosso