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Ornamental Trees For Sale

Here at Simpson’s Greenhouse, our goal is to provide you with the best ornamental trees for sale to fit your landscaping needs. We specialize in commercial and wholesale ornamental trees for sale and have been a go-to source locally since 1985.

The joys of gardening are easy to spot amidst the summer garden. But don’t limit your awareness and appreciation to the bloom power of annuals and perennials. Elevate your perspective, quite literally, by considering well-placed Simpsons-grown trees for your outdoor spaces. Whether you choose deciduous, evergreen, ornamental, or fruit-bearing, a single investment in a proper tree planting can create shade, privacy, color, fragrance, and general enjoyment for years to come.

Flowering Ornamental Trees For Sale:

Flowering ornamental trees add pizzazz in the spring and gorgeous foliage in the summer to any landscape or yard. They give the home beauty and permanence. Ornamental trees beautify our surroundings with interesting shapes, patterns, colors, scents, and seasonal changes. Typically, these are smaller growing trees, under 25 feet tall, that deliver more than just shade. Ornamental trees can be deciduous or evergreen. Evergreens tend to derive their ornamental flavor from unique shapes or sizes.

The most desired ornamental feature of these smaller growing trees is flowers that appear in the Spring. After the tree flowers, there will be some kind of fruit or seed that can be very ornamental. Perhaps you have seen Crabapples bloom and know the amazing and persistent fruit displays that follow the bloom. Showy fruits can continue all through the fall and winter seasons. Where flowers are a major showstopper in the Spring, let’s not forget about the beautiful foliage that ornamental trees provide in the Fall! Fall color of many of the Crabapples, Flowering Plums, and Cherry Blossom Trees can be a beautiful addition to your Autumn landscape.

Plants that lose their foliage in the winter months can also have attributes that add to your landscape. Weeping ornamental trees are favorites of many homeowners for this reason, as their long graceful weeping branches have a fantastic fountain-like look to them, no matter what season they are in.

We offer a beautiful selection for the colder Michigan climate, such as Lilacs, Magnolias, Flowering Ornamental Plum, Cherry Blossom Trees; Crabapples, and a huge number of Redbud selections.

Tips for Growing Ornamental Trees

There are many trees that we have included within our “Ornamentals” group. Typically, these include smaller plants with lots of interest. Always look at the mature size of the plant so you know how much room you will need in its new location.

For the most beautiful flowers, unique gifts and unparalleled, personable service stop in today or give us a call at (989) 834-2600 to inquire about our current stock and selection.

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