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Here at Simpson’s Greenhouse, our goal is to provide you with the best Evergreen trees for sale to fit your landscaping needs. We specialize in commercial and wholesale evergreen trees for sale and have been a go-to source locally since 1985.

Available spring through fall, these woody plants actively grow during the season and go dormant in the winter, increasing each year toward a mature size.

Evergreen Trees For Sale:

Evergreen trees offer year-round color in your landscape. Most evergreens appear about the same color whether it is deep winter or in the summer heat. Evergreen trees provide wonderful color in landscapes that are empty of color due to cold weather, dry weather, or barren ground. Evergreen trees are versatile and can be used as specimens, hedges, and privacy screens. They are can be used as a windbreak planted on the north or in the path of prevailing winds to deflect or intercept winds or to catch snow.

Narrowleaf evergreens are also known as conifers. Evergreen trees retain the majority of their needles through the winter. Evergreen trees, such as the arborvitae, are used in a variety of locations and soil types as a fast-growing privacy screen. Firs and spruces are used as the traditional Christmas decoration for millions of homes. The pine family of evergreens includes the Ponderosa, White, and Austrian Pine. This is not an inclusive list of all evergreen trees, but it is a taste of some of the evergreen trees for sale here at Simpson’s Greenhouse. Our evergreens come in an impressive range of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors which enliven the dreary winter landscape, provide effective year-round screening, and supply shelter for birds.

Evergreen Care Tips:

When planted in the right location, maintenance requirements aren’t difficult for the evergreen varieties. Regular watering and mulching will protect evergreen trees from winter injury caused by the drying effects of wind and sun; occasional fertilizing and pruning keeps them green and well-shaped.

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