Spring Has Sprung: Let’s Get This Garden Started!

Spring is here and so is time to start planning and planting the garden! Starting early means you get a
chance to enjoy more fresh produce and beautiful flowers this season. It also means that when others are
just getting their gardens started in the early summer months, you’ll already be harvesting some delicious
produce! Here’s a quick start guide to starting a spring vegetable garden!

Buy Quality Seeds:

When it comes to having a successful, thriving garden, go for quality versus cost. You don’t have to spend
tons of money to get decent seeds, but the results will speak for themselves when it’s time for harvest. We
have some of the best seeds around that come in a variety from heirloom & organic to specialty.

Start Your Own Seedlings:

There are many methods of starting your seeds indoors before the weather is ready for outdoor planting.
You can use potting soil in small cups, trays, or even various ready-made starter kits that provide you with
soil in an easy to plant container. This saves time, and money, and helps you to keep your plants safe for
longer if the cold weather lasts a bit longer than expected. We have everything in store that you need to
get started.

Or Buy Seedlings From Us and Get a Head Start!

Simpson’s is synonymous with annual flats that help you get your garden going fast! We have a large
selection of vegetables ready to plant, from peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers, to peas, carrots, and more.
We also carry a large selection of flowers that make perfect fresh-cut arrangements and fill flower beds
and boxes with a pop of bright color for the season.

Get the Soil Ready For Planting:

This can be as simple as opening a bag of potting soil and adding it to a large container, or as time-
consuming as weeding and tilling your garden plot in the backyard. Make sure to remove weeds, add a

proper fertilizer (homemade compost is a great choice but we carry different fertilizers in-store), and set
things up for proper drainage as needed.

Set Plants Out When Weather Allows:

Remember to wait until after the last projected frost, and preferably until the weather is above 55 degrees
consistently, unless you have a way of protecting your seedlings. Freezing weather can ruin your plants
fast, and a frost can definitely destroy them in no time.

Water and Fertilize Regularly:

The use of commercial fertilizers is common, but you should do research to determine what you are
comfortable adding to the soil of your vegetable garden. Homemade compost is a great, safe way to
fertilize your plants and help them grow faster and stronger. But if you aren’t an avid composter, we carry
many kinds of fertilizer for your garden’s needs. Be sure to read the seed packaging or tag that
accompanies the pre-started seedlings to ensure you are giving them the right amount of water and
sunlight. Watering regularly so your plants don’t die from lack of water is important, but you don’t want
to over-water them either.
These quick tips for how to start a spring vegetable garden are sure to get you started toward an a bounty
of your favorite vegetables this year! We have everything you need to make your garden successful from

soil, gloves, tools, mulch, and fertilizer to stepping stones and more!