How To Keep Your Valentine Flowers Looking Great

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays of the year because it is all about love and happiness! It is a chance to show loved ones (or those we secretly admire) how special they are to us. Flowers are a perennial favorite when it comes to Valentine gift giving, but often people worry about getting them because those beautiful buds die so quickly. With these quick tips, you can keep your Valentines flowers looking fresh for days longer.

First thing is first!

Your Valentine has just given you beautiful flowers… now what? If you received a bouquet, first of all you’ll need to find yourself a vase. Is it clean? A quick rinse out with some hot soapy water should do the trick. Was a packet of flower food included? If so, read the instructions to see if you’ll need to add your flower food to half, or a full liter of water.

You’ll need to re-cut your flower stems – you can do this with a sturdy pair of kitchen scissors. Cut the ends at a slant – so your flowers look like they’re standing up on tiptoe in your vase.

Depending on the height of your vase and the length of the flowers in your bouquet you may need to chop quite a bit off the end of your flowers – you’re aiming to get your flowers nestling neatly into the opening of your vase.

Keep those flowers looking fresh!

The key is to re-cut your stems and as the days pass, make sure your vase is kept topped up with fresh water.  Bacteria begins to grow at the end of the wilting stem, and cutting that back by a quarter inch will keep your flowers looking great for days longer. Be sure to add water, without ample water your flowers won’t last!

Where you place your Valentine arrangement matters as well. Be sure to place your flowers where they will be seen and enjoyed. Most likely, they will find their home in your living room, however, this is probably also the warmest room in your house –which can dry out your flowers and reduce their vase life. Try not to display your flowers in direct sunlight, next to a hot radiator or a drafty window.

Remove your flowers every two or three days, clean out the vase and add fresh water. While you’re at it, take this opportunity to look through your bouquet and pinch off and leaves and flowers that look like they’re starting to die and trim the stems.

With the proper care, your Valentine flowers can continue to bring you happiness and love long after Februrary 14th. If you are on the search for a unique gift, floral arrangements or even a flowering houseplant for your Valentine, be sure to stop in and see our large selection at Simpron’s Greenhouse today.