Holiday Wreaths and Decor

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As the last of the bright Autumn leaves drop from the trees and the temperatures begin to fall, we all begin to feel the warmth of the holiday season upon us. Time to pack away the decorative pumpkins with the rest of the fall decor, and swap them out for the jolly hues of the Christmas season. Nothing decks the halls better than beautiful wreaths and garlands that adorn your front door and stairway. At Simpson’s Greenhouse, we create beautiful wreaths guaranteed to bring joy to your home this season. Our wreaths are made from only the finest, freshest pine branches, ensuring they will last the entire holiday season, and won’t leave a pile of needles on your doorstep! Each wreath is expertly crafted and decorated to fit your style, from traditional to whimsy or modern. We also create beautiful fresh floral centerpieces and arrangements to make your holiday table memorable, or to send a little cheer to those you love. We also stock an array of the highest quality, perennial favorite Poinsettias which always give a festive pop of color to the home or office.

While we enjoy the holidays with loved ones, not all the ones we would like to celebrate with are there. In fact, we may have lost loved ones, making the holidays a more emotional time. There are beautiful ways to ensure that those lost loved ones are never too far away during the holidays. One way is to create a grave blanket or buy one from Simpson’s Greenhouse. Grave Blankets can be made in many different sizes, styles, and colors and offer a beautiful way to remember your loved one during the holidays. These are believed to provide an uplifting experience while visiting a grave site, providing comfort for everyone. While originally just made of evergreen, the grave blanket is also now made from other types of plant materials, ornaments and silk flowers. These may also include special objects added for sentimental reasons to the family. The grave blankets cover the ground at the base of a grave, providing a physical way to express the emotion of missing a loved one. The blankets are made by attaching evergreen branches and any other materials to a floral foam or a wire base. This can be attached to the ground to keep the blanket in place all season.

The holidays are a wonderful time to show those we love them with beautiful, fresh arrangements and pieces made by the experts at Simpson’s Greenhouse. Stop in today and view our beautiful selection or to discuss a custom creation that is sure to make this holiday season sparkle!