Spring Has Sprung: Let’s Get This Garden Started!

Spring is here and so is time to start planning and planting the garden! Starting early means you get a
chance to enjoy more fresh produce and beautiful flowers this season. It also means that when others are
just getting their gardens started in the early summer months, you’ll already be harvesting some delicious
produce! Here’s a quick start guide to starting a spring vegetable garden!

Buy Quality Seeds:

When it comes to having a successful, thriving garden, go for quality versus cost. You don’t have to spend
tons of money to get decent seeds, but the results will speak for themselves when it’s time for harvest. We
have some of the best seeds around that come in a variety from heirloom & organic to specialty.

Start Your Own Seedlings:

There are many methods of starting your seeds indoors before the weather is ready for outdoor planting.
You can use potting soil in small cups, trays, or even various ready-made starter kits that provide you with
soil in an easy to plant container. This saves time, and money, and helps you to keep your plants safe for
longer if the cold weather lasts a bit longer than expected. We have everything in store that you need to
get started.

Or Buy Seedlings From Us and Get a Head Start!

Simpson’s is synonymous with annual flats that help you get your garden going fast! We have a large
selection of vegetables ready to plant, from peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers, to peas, carrots, and more.
We also carry a large selection of flowers that make perfect fresh-cut arrangements and fill flower beds
and boxes with a pop of bright color for the season.

Get the Soil Ready For Planting:

This can be as simple as opening a bag of potting soil and adding it to a large container, or as time-
consuming as weeding and tilling your garden plot in the backyard. Make sure to remove weeds, add a

proper fertilizer (homemade compost is a great choice but we carry different fertilizers in-store), and set
things up for proper drainage as needed.

Set Plants Out When Weather Allows:

Remember to wait until after the last projected frost, and preferably until the weather is above 55 degrees
consistently, unless you have a way of protecting your seedlings. Freezing weather can ruin your plants
fast, and a frost can definitely destroy them in no time.

Water and Fertilize Regularly:

The use of commercial fertilizers is common, but you should do research to determine what you are
comfortable adding to the soil of your vegetable garden. Homemade compost is a great, safe way to
fertilize your plants and help them grow faster and stronger. But if you aren’t an avid composter, we carry
many kinds of fertilizer for your garden’s needs. Be sure to read the seed packaging or tag that
accompanies the pre-started seedlings to ensure you are giving them the right amount of water and
sunlight. Watering regularly so your plants don’t die from lack of water is important, but you don’t want
to over-water them either.
These quick tips for how to start a spring vegetable garden are sure to get you started toward an a bounty
of your favorite vegetables this year! We have everything you need to make your garden successful from

soil, gloves, tools, mulch, and fertilizer to stepping stones and more!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the reemergence of buds, blooms and holiday’s celebrated on sunshine filled days. When the calendar turns to May, it’s time to celebrate Mom. Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holiday’s at Simpson’s Greenhouse where we celebrate Moms of all kinds. From grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, friends, neighbors, and all those that play the role of mom in your life, we love to help show them how you feel about their constant care and support with a gift they’ll love and cherish. Whether your mom is into home decor, flowers, or gardening essentials we’ve compiled this list to help you along the road towards choosing the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

All Things Gardening

For the Mom with a green thumb, we have a wide variety of decorative pots and unique patio, deck, rail and multi-tier planters sure to brighten any outdoor space. Mom can arrange a beautiful container with the one of our 60 different combinations of Proven Winner’s annuals, including verbenas, petunias, lobelia and more. We also have a large selection of pre-made gift baskets, complete with the container, flowers, fertilizer, gloves and everything Mom needs to create a beautiful planter for her patio without the fuss. We also have a stunning collection of garden accessories including stepping stones, birdbaths, windchimes and garden stakes that will add a beautiful touch to any garden.

Hanging Baskets

Beautiful hanging baskets are what we are known for here at Simpsons. They are easy to care for, full of color, and perfect for the mom who loves spending time on the patio, porch, or deck. Hanging baskets are the easiest way to add a pop of color to an outdoor space and a great way to draw your eye up. Whichever one you choose, it will certainly be one that she will adore!

Home Decor

For the Mom that loves to make a house a home, we have charming home décor accents from signs to candles and more that add a little warmth to any nook or cranny. For the foodie Mom, we also carry a large selection of gourmet foods, canned goods, mixes and so much more that is guaranteed to inspire taste buds and memorable gatherings alike.

A Gift Certificate for the Garden Lover

Maybe gardening is best left to the expert! A gift certificate, possibly paired with a potted annual or gift from our gift shop could be the perfect gift for Mom. Gift cards can be purchased at any amount and will be sure to make Mom smile.

We hope that this list provides you with exactly the right gift that Mom will love. Stop in to see us today or have us deliver that special gift directly to Mom on her special day!

Springtime Bulbs

The gloomy, gray days of Winter have us counting down the days until Spring here at Simpson’s. Nothing bids the Winter farewell quite like the sight of green shoots from bulbs popping up through the once dormant ground; letting the world know the blooms of Spring are soon to follow.

Springtime is synonymous with gentle rain showers that bring beautiful flowers. While there are some bulbs that need to be planted in the Fall, such as Tulips, Hyacinths, and Daffodils, there are also bulbs that you can plant in the Spring. These bulbs actually can be started indoors now and will be ready to plant as soon as the ground warms, offering you late Spring and Early Summer blooms this year.

Here is a Quick Guide to Spring Planted Bulbs:

Bulbs to Plant in Spring for Summer Blooms

Spring-planted bulbs are rewarding to grow because many go from bulb to bold flowers and foliage in months. For many gardeners, spring-planted bulbs offer a quick solution for bare spots in the flower beds or to cut and place in a vase indoors. They’re also easy to grow and low maintenance.  We offer a wide selection of spring-planted or tender bulbs including Anemones, Begonias, Calla Lilies, Caladiums, Cannas, Dahlias, Gladiolus, Lilies, and more!

How to Plant Bulbs

No matter which type of bulb you’re planting, they all prefer well-drained soil that’s rich in organic matter. If the soil is not well-drained, the bulbs could rot.

Where to Plant Bulbs

When considering where to plant your bulbs take into account their light requirements. Some require full sun (six hours or more of direct sunlight daily), while others can grow in partial shade (usually defined as 2-6 hours of direct sunlight) or full shade (less than two hours of direct sunlight daily). Also, be sure to consider their mature height and spread. You want to give them the space they need to grow, and you want to plant them in a space in the garden where they can be seen but not block other flowers.

How Deep to Plant Bulbs

The depth of planting for bulbs depends on their size. A good rule of thumb is that the depth should be three times the diameter of the bulb. Bulbs should be planted with the pointed end up.

When to Plant Spring Bulbs

Most spring-planted bulbs are tender and susceptible to the cold. It’s important in Mid-Michigan, to wait until the ground is warm enough before planting your spring bulbs. Many gardeners start their tender bulbs indoors in the spring and then transplant them to the garden after the danger of frost has passed. We’ve been busy through the Fall and Winter, starting Spring-blooming favorites of every kind from Hyacinths, Daffodils, and Tulips to Begonias and Crocus. These wonderful little potted beauties make perfect centerpieces on your table, adding a much-needed pop of Springtime color and scent to your home or office. Stop in today to see our large selection of ready-to-plant bulbs and adorable potted bulbs that are ready to bloom and greet Spring, bringing a little cheer to the last of these Winter days!

Valentine’s Day

As the calendar inches closer to Feburary 14th, we feel the love percolating in the air. Valentine’s Day is a special holiday, a day of giving love, admiration and thoughtful gifts to those closest to our heart. Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a timeless romantic gesture for couples all over the world. Flowers are a simple, yet thoughtful gift that demonstrates and symbolizes your love for another person. However, with the seemingly endless choices available, it can be a bit overwhelming when February 14th comes around.
To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled some tips to help you decide on the perfect choice of flowers this Valentine’s Day:


Roses are the classic symbols of love. A bouquet or rose box of at least one dozen long stem red roses is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift and is sure to make your partner feel adored. However, roses come in a kaleidoscope of colors, so choose whichever your partner would love the most. Red is the most synonymous with the season, as Red roses symbolize eternal love and passion.


The meaning of the lily goes right back to ancient Greece, where the flower was a symbol of the goddess Hera. Seen as an enchanting symbol of devotion and purity, these majestic and enchanting flowers come in a variety of delightful colors along with a gorgeous scent that fills a room for days.


A delightful and affordable option for anyone on a budget this Valentine’s Day, carnations are known to express love and fascination, making them an excellent option for new relationships that are only just blossoming.

Gerbera Daisies

With their cheerful appearance and being available in a wide variety of colors, Gerberas are bright, beautiful and add a touch of warmth to any bouquet. Coming from the same family as the sunflower, the Gerbera has been known to symbolism happiness and joy, letting your love know that they are the sunshine in your life.


Coming in an array of bright and striking colors, tulips are indeed a much loved flower, bringing with them bright memories of springtime. A wonderfully versatile and affordable bloom, tulips are a great choice for all occasions. Red tulips of course are said to signify true love, while purple is known to symbolize royalty, and yellow is known to represent cheerfulness.
Whatever your flower of choice this Valentine’s Day, and whoever the lucky recipient is, we have a glorious range of Valentines flowers, houseplants and gifts for you to choose from at Simpson’s Greenhouse. Simply choose your bouquet, place your order and we’ll do the rest! Stop in and view our selection of premade arrangements or order one today for delivery to Ovid and the surrounding area’s!

Brighten Up the House with Houseplants

Winter can be a challenging time to grow houseplants, especially in Michigan where winter brings snow. The cold, dry air Michigan winters bring is unforgiving when it comes to the moisture needs of most plants, and minimal sunlight means your plants likely won’t flourish. The constantly-running furnace means that any moisture in the air will be taken right out of it.  Plus, since we aren’t in the routine of gardening over the course of the winter months, plants can also be easily overlooked. However, some houseplants are easy to grow even during the winter season. All it takes is a little insight on how to care for your plants when the temperature drops.

Here are some quick tips for caring for your indoor plants during winter:


During the winter months, most of the time the issue is not that plants don’t get enough water, but that people give them too much water. This can be particularly true if you have an indoor succulent garden.

Make sure to test more than just the top of the soil in your plants. Some plants need to totally dry out before being watered again, so go down a few inches and see if the soil is dry.


We all need light and it’s hard to get a lot of it when the days are so short like they are in the middle of winter. Plants are similar to people, they need light, even indoor plants. The amount of light that homes get during the winter months is short, and if your house doesn’t face the right way, you may only get light in certain rooms and through certain windows.

Be prepared to move your plants to windows and areas that get light during winter. Make sure that the windows are cleaned off inside and outside for maximum light. Also, make sure that any dust that has gathered on the leaves has been cleaned off so the leaves can absorb that light better.


Plants tend to be creatures of habit and will thrive in the same space on a shelf or plant stand.  Over time, however, they can begin to wilt or appear to be dying because they need a new space. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective. Turn the plant around, or move it to a new spot in the house. You can even place your plant into a hanging basket to give it a new view from a higher perspective. Sometimes it helps to make sure they are away from drafty windows, or registers where the warm furnace air can affect their tender foliage.

Plants can be a great way to add color, texture, and life to any space. At Simpson’s we carry a large array of houseplants from Snake plants, creeping Charlie, Creeping Virginia to Boston Ferns, Cyclamen and succulents. Stop in today to see our selection!

Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season, and at Simpson’s Greenhouse, we are starting to feel pretty jolly! One of the best parts of the holiday season is giving gifts to the ones who matter most to us. Shopping for those gifts, however, can sometimes be not so joyous when dealing with long lines and overcrowded stores. At Simpson’s, we have gifts for everyone and anyone on your list. Shopping local means you won’t have traffic, crowds or limited parking spaces that can immediately rob the holiday spirit. Ba humbug!

So grab a cup of cocoa, and let’s go through our holiday shopping gift guide that is sure to make your season brighter (and a whole lot easier)!


Plants of all kinds make a great gift. We pride ourselves in carrying one of the most extensive selections of houseplants in the area from cyclamin to ferns. Most houseplants are called “clean air machines” because of their ability to purify the air in our homes or office. Surprise a coworker or loved one with a custom combo planter that will be a breath of fresh air all year long.

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening continues to grow in popularity as more and more people realize the benefits of homegrown vegetables and herbs. From pruners to planters, we have a large selection of tools and gadgets to keep your gardener happy!

Fairy Gardening

Fairy gardening has become very popular for “kids of all ages”.  We carry a wide selection of small plants as well as all the miniature hardscaping pieces like trellises, chairs, figurines, and more to help accent your “one of a kind” fairy garden theme.


Nothing dresses up your home for the holidays like a beautiful wreath gracing the front door. We have a huge selection of holiday and Christmas wreaths that you’re sure to find what you are looking for!

Holiday Greens

The holiday’s wouldn’t be complete without stunning holiday greens like evergreen boughs and garlands of holly. Create your own style and ring in the holidays by adding various bulk greens in and around your home… and don’t forget the mistletoe. We also custom make grave blankets, giving beauty and love to the graveside of those who have passed.

Home Decor and More

Christmas at Simpson’s gift shop is an experience like no other. Not only will you find tons of beautiful holiday wreaths and greens, but you’ll also find plenty to turn the home into a holiday celebration. We have a large selection of home decor items from signs to candles, yard decor and stepping stones to wind chimes, and even whiskey decanters. We also have a large selection of gourmet foods, sure to make wonderful additions to any gift basket. We also carry lotions and a vast array of stocking stuffers.

Don’t forget to visit our holiday gift shop to find something for everyone on your list. Come on in and let us help you celebrate this holiday season!

Late Fall Decorating

The days are growing shorter, the air is cooling, and the bright colors of summer are fading into the more subdued tones of autumn. A favorite time of year for many for its crisp feel, cozy clothing, and spiced flavors, autumn is a season where we seem to create our own warmth through color and texture, and flavor.

Every season brings its own special vibe, but we have to admit… Fall may be our favorite of all. With beautiful colors, crisp, dry weather, and a hint of the upcoming holidays, fall is meant to be celebrated. Decorating with fall flowers and accents, inside your home and out, brings fall into focus so you can enjoy it fully and be reminded of everything fall brings with it. At Simpson’s, we have everything you need to bring the joys of the season to your home.

Outside, we are FALL-ing in love with our customers’ favorite seasonal items. First and foremost are our locally grown specialty gourds and pumpkins. Whether it’s a carving pumpkin for Halloween or a pie pumpkin for baking, we have you covered from eating to decoration. We love seeing our customers decorate their homes with stack-able gourds and pumpkins that are only available at the Greenhouse.

In addition to pumpkins, we also carry a ton of beautiful flowers! Obviously, we know…but if you think that flowers are only for the Spring…THINK AGAIN! Mums, Pansies, Asters, and decorative Kale are all available and add tons of beauty!

Inside, we are bringing Fall to the tabletop for your Home. From pumpkins and gourds to ruby red delicious apples, we have everything to bring the flavors of Fall to your Thanksgiving gathering. Our gift shop is full of delicious jams, sauces, pickled items, cake, and muffin mixes, and freshly made banana, apple, and pumpkin bread that make for a wonderful french toast on chilly Sunday morning, or a wonderful snack any day. We add items to our festive Christmas Cove daily, from home decor to gift baskets and stocking stuffers, you are sure to find a holly jolly item to make the season bright.Stop by and grab some Fall favorites while they last!

Spruce Up Your Yard For Fall

One of the best parts of living in Michigan is the changing of seasons, especially when the Summer temps begin to give way to the cool mornings of Fall. The pops of vibrant colors signal its time for football games and sparkling campfires with a cup of hot cider in hand. As the trees begin to change their hues from emerald greens to blazing reds, orange and crisp yellow, we feel an urge to bring the vibrant hues of Autumn to our homes as well. The best way to celebrate Fall’s arrival is an array of Mums. They can replace the spent annuals in your outdoor containers and flower boxes, or add a pop of color to your patio. Hardy Mums like the ones we grow here at Simpson’s greenhouse can be planted directly into the ground. We also have a large assortment of Fall favorites like purple fountain grass, asters, and Rudbeckia to keep your home looking Fall forward, year after year. Chrysanthemums (aka Mums) are easy to care for and will last until early November with the below tips.


Water: Chrysanthemums require more frequent watering due to their shallow roots, especially in high heat or little rainfall.

Pruning: Pinch spent blooms approximately 1 inch from the branch tips two to three times during the week to encourage consistent blossoms of color throughout the season

When to plant: For use as a perennial, plant Mums in early spring or at least 6 weeks before a killing frost in fall. If you are using them as an annual pop of fall color, plant them when blooming in late summer or early fall.

Fertilizer: Mums are not big feeders, so it is best to apply a dilute fertilizer several times before bud set. A 5-10-5 fertilizer formulation will have the greatest effect on flower production and overall growth.

Propagation: When Mums are grown as perennials, they can be divided every two to three years in the spring. Dig up the plant when new growth begins to appear, discard the dying center and re-plant the new shoots on the outside of the plant. Mums can also be grown from cuttings taken in the spring. Cut just below a leaf node and root in sterile potting soil. The new plants should be watered daily and kept in a sunny windowsill until established.

Be sure to stop in to see our large selection of grown in house Mum’s today. We also have all of the necessities needed to get your home Fall ready, from pumpkins to gourds, scarecrows to hanging baskets and more!

Curb Appeal

Watch enough HGTV and there’s one phrase you’re bound to hear over and over again: curb appeal. It’s a term the real estate world uses to describe how attractive a appears from the street. The stronger the curb appeal, the stronger your bargaining position with potential buyers. And one way to increase curb appeal is through landscaping.

Does landscaping add value to homes? We definitely say YES!  A $50 or $100 investment in a tree will net you an additional $500 in the course of 5 years. Mature trees certainly add aesthetic appeal as well as value that grows by the year.

Here are a few ways you can take your residential landscaping to the next level and increase your home’s curb appeal in the process.

1. The basics

We’d be willing to wager you’ve made some small cosmetic changes to the inside of your home in the years you’ve lived there, whether that meant painting the kitchen or adding new carpeting in the living room. Make sure you do the same kind of basic upkeep outdoors as well, things like adding fresh, quality mulch or putting in a new stone walkway.

2. Softscaping

Softscaping is another form of real estate landscaping. Add value to your home – as much as 15 percent – through this method, which involves the strategic addition of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers to add color and texture to your property.

3. Good lawn care

Mowing, raking, fertilizing and aerating – is one of the best things you can do if you know you’ll be putting your home on the market. It’s simple and provides a potentially substantial return on your investment.

4. Add pops of color

Adding beautiful flower boxes to windows that match containers filled with annuals every Spring will give a streamlined and pleasing appeal to your home. Match these to perennials such as hostas or azaleas and hydrangeas and you’ll have a coordinated lawn that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

5. Landscaping doesn’t end when summer does

Even though spring and summer are big homebuying seasons, people are still looking for properties year round. Make sure there’s something to catch a potential homebuyer’s eye no matter the season: bright leaves in the fall, evergreens in winter, and flowers in spring and summer. No matter when they’re seeing your house, your landscaping will help them imagine living there.

Are you looking for ways to make sure your landscaping adds value to your home? At Simpson’s Greenhouse, we can help. Stop in today to browse our selection of trees, shrubs and flowers that are sure to add punch to that curb appeal!

Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Summer

For as long as people have planted things into the Earth, there have been different views and opinions on the best ways and the best times to plant. One such example is the long-held belief that planting in the summer is a bad idea. The rule of thumb has always been to plant in spring and fall when the weather is cooler. While spring and fall are great times of the year to plant, many would be surprised to learn that you can successfully plant new perennials, trees, and shrubs in the heat of summer. Any shock to a plant from planting a container shrub is essentially eliminated since you didn’t actually dig up the plant or hopefully didn’t even disturb the roots when carefully removing it from the pot. Summer conditions may still cause new plantings some stress, but with a little bit of extra care on your part, it will help the plant develop a healthy root system and virtually guarantee successfully surviving its first winter due to extra root growth.

Planting in the summer only requires a slight bit more work on your part but will reward you with a hardy plant with a good root system.

How to Plant Trees & Shrubs in the Summer

1. Dig the hole as you would any time of year, and always remember wider but not deeper. A general rule of thumb is one and a half times the size of the root ball.

2. Amend the soil you remove from the hole with a good compost or topsoil. A mix of half existing soil and half good compost is perfect. This will help the soil surrounding the new plant to retain more moisture which means fewer trips with the hose.

3. Create a ring just outside the back-filled hole using the extra soil. Two or three inches are all that’s needed. This will help the water you put on the plant to stay in the planting area and not runoff.

4. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!  Mulch will help keep the moisture that you add to stay in the ground longer since the air and the sun will not be working against you by drying the ground out.

5. Water, Water, Water! Plants need water and the Summer temps make it nearly impossible to overwater. Plants have a way of letting you know when it’s time for a good soaking when they begin to have droopy, wilted leaves or begin to look a little yellow or sunbaked.

The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to plant in the Summer. Get out there and plant in the summer, and remember you can always call or stop into Simpson’s with any questions!