Brighten Up the House with Houseplants

Winter can be a challenging time to grow houseplants, especially in Michigan where winter brings snow. The cold, dry air Michigan winters bring is unforgiving when it comes to the moisture needs of most plants, and minimal sunlight means your plants likely won’t flourish. The constantly-running furnace means that any moisture in the air will be taken right out of it.  Plus, since we aren’t in the routine of gardening over the course of the winter months, plants can also be easily overlooked. However, some houseplants are easy to grow even during the winter season. All it takes is a little insight on how to care for your plants when the temperature drops.

Here are some quick tips for caring for your indoor plants during winter:


During the winter months, most of the time the issue is not that plants don’t get enough water, but that people give them too much water. This can be particularly true if you have an indoor succulent garden.

Make sure to test more than just the top of the soil in your plants. Some plants need to totally dry out before being watered again, so go down a few inches and see if the soil is dry.


We all need light and it’s hard to get a lot of it when the days are so short like they are in the middle of winter. Plants are similar to people, they need light, even indoor plants. The amount of light that homes get during the winter months is short, and if your house doesn’t face the right way, you may only get light in certain rooms and through certain windows.

Be prepared to move your plants to windows and areas that get light during winter. Make sure that the windows are cleaned off inside and outside for maximum light. Also, make sure that any dust that has gathered on the leaves has been cleaned off so the leaves can absorb that light better.


Plants tend to be creatures of habit and will thrive in the same space on a shelf or plant stand.  Over time, however, they can begin to wilt or appear to be dying because they need a new space. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective. Turn the plant around, or move it to a new spot in the house. You can even place your plant into a hanging basket to give it a new view from a higher perspective. Sometimes it helps to make sure they are away from drafty windows, or registers where the warm furnace air can affect their tender foliage.

Plants can be a great way to add color, texture, and life to any space. At Simpson’s we carry a large array of houseplants from Snake plants, creeping Charlie, Creeping Virginia to Boston Ferns, Cyclamen and succulents. Stop in today to see our selection!